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She was born in Chiavari, near Genoa (Italy). After graduating from the art high school, she graduated in Singing and New Technologies at Accademy of Fine Arts of Brera with a thesis that explains the relationship between the world of Theatre and Picture.

After starting the career as a singer in the major Italian and foreign theatres ( Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Teatro Petruzzelli, Teatro Verdi di Salerno, Orchard Hall di Tokyo, Mahidal Hall di Bangkok) with  B. Campanella, G. Gelmetti, D. Oren and direct by N. Joel, S. Roche, W. Pagliaro,D. Haughton e V.Salemme.

She examines in depth the theatrical study with G.Albertazzi, E.D’Amato, A. Terrani, P.Maffioletti ed Eleonora Paterniti.

Her repertoire includes world premiers such as “Il Re Nudo” by L. Lombardi starring Elio delle storie Tese or Musical Commedy “Ulisse” by A. Del Giudice staged at the Teatro Nazionale in Rome. She inaugurated the Museo of ‘900 in Milan with music by N.Rota and E. Morricone. She performed for La Verdi in Milan the Shakespeare songs by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco. She performed in the Show “Guardali si credono noi”staged at the Teatro Palladium in Rome  as part of Roma3 Film Felstival by Paola Maffioletti. She played the role Zerlina in the film “Parlami d’amore” by S. Muccino. She tooks part in the documentary “Chi è di scena Il Petruzzelli torna a vivere” by M.Sciarra and in the documentary “Il Futurismo un movimento di arte e vita” by L.Verdone.

She participated at “Festival della Voce” of Capri and at “Monterchi Festival” whit a show dedicated to Sarah Bernhardt and Felix Nadar.

She starred in the short film “Il dottore delle bambole”directed by  Lucia Vita, based on a novel by Elio Esposito. 

In 2023 she debuted in the show "Di pietre e di rose" dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, considered among the greatest Italian intellectuals of the twentieth Century, with choreography and direction by Paola Maffioletti, at the theater of Villa Lazzaroni.

In 2023 she played "Elena" in "Mefistofile 2.0" by Max Manfredi, at the "Garage" theater in Genoa.

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